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We sell a large variety of residential properties.

To meet together with your requirement of Apartment / Condo / Multi Family Home / Single Family home / Studio / Villa :- Starting from smallest space that you simply can require in above categories to the most important possible space requirement, we’ve completed data and manpower skilled enough to serve you to your total satisfaction, right from arranging the space to execution of rent deed. Our top priority is helping each and every customer to make the right decision so that they can get the best Malhotra residential rental space buying options that suit their needs and requirements. Unlike other real estate agencies, we have a very helpful and highly experienced team of real estate agents, that means you can take full advantage of all our services without facing any inconvenience. We have so many different services and solutions that you will not find anywhere else. We maintain the best standards in our rental projects. Our rental project is the perfect option for our customers because we have everything that is required by the clients. You will find many benefits while using our services. Our team consists of highly experienced professionals. Our team is dedicated to delivering the quality rental properties to our clients. We assure the clients that we will offer them the best services. They are very experienced and can easily make all the steps through which you want to go. You can feel free to chat with our agent representatives and get a free quotation of your desired property as per your budget. We aim to achieve this through a range of Malhotra residential property renting solutions, properties search, property listings and other property related services. We deliver our services through our own registered property agents.

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Our main aim is to keep our customers satisfied. We are here to provide services that can guarantee you that the task is being accomplished to the best of your satisfaction. All the jobs that we do are the best. Our team of highly experienced property experts and highly experienced in residential rental space. So, Malhotra properties are one of the best property dealers in Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula, Zirakpur along with adjoining areas. We are highly motivated and dedicated to provide the best services for our customers. Our main aim is to deliver the best rental properties. By choosing the rental property from our rental team, you can be assured about the high standards. We have the best and experienced professionals to work with our clients. We are flexible and help our clients in fulfilling their needs. We have highly skilled professionals. Our rental services are different from other rental services. We understand the real requirements of our clients. We are dedicated to provide you with the most cost effective services. Our services are totally unique. We have many high standards in Malhotra rental property. We maintain the quality of the properties by giving our very best. Our team is always there to help you in all the hard times. Our team is always ready to help you at any time. We give our best services to our customers.
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