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We deal in Commercial Property in a large range from Office / Shop to prime land and properties.

Malhotra special offer is at the perfect time for you. Malhotra Commercial rents have been increasing consistently and are expected to continue to go up in the future. By working with us, you’ll take advantage of our exclusive pricing and get great deals that aren’t available to regular people. We deal in Commercial Property in a large range from Office / Shop to prime land and properties. We provide our property buyers with an unmatched level of service. We offer the largest commercial property portfolio in the Baltana, Chandigarh, Delhi, Kharar, Mohali, New – Chandigarh, Panchkula, Peer Muchalla, and Zirakpur. Malhotra Commercial property without any risk and threat. We have years of experience and that is why we always provide our customers with best and quality commercial properties that can be used in any kind of commercial activity.We provide flexible financing options with lower interest rates for commercial property rentals. We take care of all the things in order to provide top quality rental properties. We always provide our customers with quality services to rent commercial space. We always stick to our mission – Our goal is to be a company that takes pride in its work, each and every day we are innovating our business plans. Apart from this, we also maintain a highly effective team that is committed to offering you the best customer service you have ever experienced. To take care of each and every customers, we have assigned our specialized team to deal with the customers in the best way possible. We provide complete property management services. Our commercial rental space plan service is designed so that the buyers can choose their desired space.


We Have Over 10,000 Satisfied Client's. We Take Care What Type Of Property Our Client Need

We take care of all your needs and requests and understand your needs and work towards fulfilling them. We also provide the best real estate opportunities to the clients which result in the maximum income growth. If you are planning to buy a commercial lease space, then we can give you full guidance and knowledge. If you are planning to buy a commercial lease space, then we can give you full guidance and kn owledge. We have the best designers and architects to offer all the commercial offices space that meets all the commercial requirements and designs. We have an experienced and skilled team of professionals, who can handle any of your projects and offer the best quality. We offer high-quality commercial spaces and offer the best services to the clients. We have designed and offered some best office spaces and have earned great reputation in our sector. We have a team of professionals, who can provide commercial design services across India. We have the best design consultancy group with years of experience in offering best solutions. We have an experienced team of commercial interior designers who provide rental space solutions in various cities across India. Our team will go into deep analysis and help you in getting the suitable space in prime location. We are committed to offer our clients a premium environment which is quite good. We have the best and highly reputable staff which will help you in providing best value for your money.

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